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"a fun character ballet with a sci-fi twist. "

Dana Oland, The Idaho Statesman

Choreography by Nathan Powell

Music by Graham Reynolds

Performed by Ballet Idaho at the Morrison Center Nov 2, 2012


"Timepiece" is the story of Dmitri and orphan picked up off the streets by bank robbing gangsters, though he doesn't fit in well with the rest of the Club... all he wants to do is dance with his dream girl who just happens to be the Boss's girl.


After a successful bank robbery, due in no part to Dmitri who, for the most part just got in the way, found himself in possession of a pocket watch. He soon finds out it is no ordinary pocket watch, but a magical one which has the power to slow down time temporarily. Then rest of the members of the Club find out about his magical accessory and quickly give it over to the Boss. 


Now that the Club has a very useful device they quickly go off to rob another bank. Bereft and deflated Dmitri wallows in his pity, but is surprised by Adeline who daringly steals the pocket watch from the Boss and invites Dmitri to a long awaited dance. Sadly the dance lasts too long and the magic has worn off, the police are coming and Dmitri finds he must sacrifice himself to save Adeline from a life in prison.

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