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"Thousand Miles Away" and "Slings and Arrows"

A dance to two songs written and performed by Jeffery Straker

“Thousand Miles Away” and “Slings and Arrows”


Dancers: 10 students

Music: performed live by Jeffery Straker

Length: 7:45

Costumes: YBCS

Created for: Youth Ballet Company of Saskatchewan

Premiere: November 17, 2017 at The Riddell Centre, Regina, SK Canada


I was commissioned to create this choreography by Michelle McMillan, the director for YBCS for their fall show which was all danced to music written and performed live by Jeffery Straker. Both Mr. Straker and I grew up in Regina Saskatchewan and have both left the city to grow as artists. This work was a nice sort of reunion for the both of us. I felt a special affinity to the song “Thousand Miles Away” because it just so happens that Regina and my current home of Boise, Idaho are almost exactly one thousand miles away. It was a delight being able to choreograph to such energetic music knowing that it was going to be performed live.

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