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A Panjandrum's Mad Test


Dancers: 5 – original cast:  Meaghan Novoa, Lem Reagan,  Charlie McMullen, Anne Milner, Nathan Powell, Kennedy Kaya, Rachel Ranum, Sophie Dalbratt, Andrea Llamas, Sabrina Barbic, Anna Adaska

Music: Yurek Hanen, Nathan Powell, Snooks Eaglin, Pust

Costumes: Marla Hansen

Length: 12:50

Created for: Idaho Dance Theatre's "Vigor"

Premiere: March 5th at the Special Events Centre , Boise, ID

panjandrum, noun 1. a self-important or pretentious official.


Choreographers note: As the creator of this work, I deemed myself the panjandrum. My mad test was putting a group of dancers and drummers together to see what happens. It seems appropriate when you realize that the name is an anagram of how it all started "Nate's drum and tap jams"

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