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Alleged Dances

After retiring from dancing full-time, my first work questioned whether I really still was a dancer. 



Dancers: 5 – original cast:  Meaghan Novoa, Lem Reagan,  Charlie McMullen, Anne Milner, Nathan Powell

Music: Dana Wilson, John Adams

Costumes: Marla Hansen

Length: 9:00

Created for: Idaho Dance Theatre's "Launch"

Premiere: November 7 at the Special Events Centre , Boise, ID

This was my first work that I created after retiring from dancing with Ballet Idaho. After 13 years of dancing full-time for dance companies, I found myself transitioning to teaching more and spending much more time with my son. I still felt the itch to be in the studio and was grateful to have the opportunity from Marla Hansen to create something and dance at the same time. A slight wrench was thrown into the plan when I fell off my bike and sprained my wrist. It changed the course of the choreography, but for the better, I think. Also my wrist healed. But through the whole process, I was questioning whether I really was a dancer anymore, or was I just "allegedly" a dancer?

Full Video

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