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There is Something in the Water


My reaction to the water crisis in Flint Michigan. 

There is Something in the Water


Dancers: 2 women. 2 men: Original Cast:  Justin Huges, Nic Gili,  Phyllis Affrunti, Megan Hearn

Music by: Angelo Badalamenti, Eric Powell, Aaron Copland, Hans Reichel

Choreography by Nathan Powell

Costumes: Ben Weigel

Length: 8:20

Created for: Ballet Idaho’s NewDance, Up Close

Premiere: March 18, 2016 at the Esther Simplot Performing Arts Academy, Boise, ID​


"There is Something in the Water" was my reaction to the water crisis in Flint Michigan.  I was appalled as many were that such a thing could happen, and wanted to create a dance based on what I was thinking.


There are four sections to the piece which follow a loose narrative. The first section I imagines the city officials in charge with the water supply getting distracted from their jobs. The seconds show the reaction two people have to finally realizing that they and their children have been ingesting lead tainted water for months, and that there is nothing they can do about it. Next we jump into the dystopian future where the scientists in haz-mat suits are checking earth for habitability. Finally they conclude that that water is perhaps safe enough to try, which they all do. The final section is the results of that decision.

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