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Pas de Temps


Rythym and vibrancy exude in a dance with an amalgam of styles. 

Pas de Temps


Dancers: 6

Music by: Brooklyn Rider

Choreography by Nathan Powell

Costumes: Ben Weigel

Length: 7:00

Created for: Ballet Idaho’s NewDance, Up Close

Premiere: March 11, 2015 at the Esther Simplot Performing Arts Academy, Boise, ID


If you translate "Pas de Temps" to English you can get two different meanings. One which is  "Time Step" which refers to the ubiquitous tap step which makes an appearance in the piece. The other meaning is "no time" which was a proper description of the rehearsal process for this work. Mostly my goal was to make a vibrant piece that maintained an energy throughout. Also I just wanted to see if I could tap dance and partner a woman on pointe. Enjoy!


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