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Moments to Remember


Choreography by: Nathan Powell

Music Composed by: John Heins (

Music Performed by: Juli Draney

Dancers: Lacey Berhardt, Kali Dey, Piper Hammond, Claire Hindrup, Alia Kelley, Maria Salo, Libby Schmoeger, Leah Cunningham, Leora Jones, Nathan Powell

Page Turner: Phoebe Seibel


A dance in four movements:


I. Capriccio, (The Relentless Pace)

II. Prelude (The Awakening)

III. Scherzo (The Intertia)

IV. Remembrance (The Moments)


Choreographer Statement: Sometimes in life we find ourselves so caught up with the relentless pace of our lives that we forget to take time to acknowledge the pleasantness of simple moments. We need to attempt to pull these feelings into our memory by slowing down and being present in life. These “moments to remember” may not be the happiest or most dramatic, but perhaps the simple or peaceful moments.


This piece is an abstract exploration of these moments. The dancers get to explore a delightfully diverse collection of music for solo piano. The dynamic range of the dancers and pianist get put to the test in this thrilling work, which will surely take you on a journey, yet hopefully give at least one moment to remember.

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