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The Light (2023)

A Four Sided Triangle


Alleged Dances

Moments to Remember

BHDT's The Nutcracker

A Panjandrum's Mad Test

What You Wanted for Me

The Medium-Sized Bang!


Jimmy Johnny Charlie Martin


My take on classical ballet, set to music by Leos Janacek for eight dancers. Designed to show of the technical abilities of the dancers while expressing intimate musicality, this piece premiered with great acclaim. It was awarded the "Esther Simplot Award for Choreographic Excellence" and was re-staged with additional choreography by Ballet Idaho for their production "Anthology" the Fall of 2019. 

Alleged Dances

This is the first work that I created for Idaho Dance Theatre. After 13 years of dancing full-time for dance companies, I had just retired and found myself transitioning to teaching. But through the whole process, I was questioning whether I really was a dancer anymore, or was I just "allegedly" a dancer?

What you Wanted for Me

A dance to express my concerns with gender roles and in our world. There are expectations for us that are unwritten, which slowly maneuver us toward acceptability in society.

Jimmy Johnny Charlie Martin

Mozart canons and Traditional drinking songs. What do they have in common? More than you might think. This work is my interpretation of what means some folk would have to go through to entertain themselves on a long journey. Also it's much more entertaining if you know German. 

Non Quantum

A unique work to address the binary nature of our society. However, in this piece everyone wears the same gray costumes. Maybe we aren't so different?

Please Control Your Impulsivity!

Percussion and dance, with a bit of surprise in the mix. The music for this piece was created as it was being choreographed and it was performed by the dancers!

There is Something in the Water

A  reaction to the water crisis in Flint Michigan. Perhaps one of the most diverse works I have created. Plenty of emotion and surprise throughout. Watch and find out.

Pas de Temps

An amalgam of styles mixing tap and ballet together. Energy and excitement abound.


Septet is a dance for seven. The wonderful music of Vladimir Martynov helps create a beautiful work that moves through with lovely formations and artistry. 


Three dance movements in outdoor Idaho. Created for the Boise Dance Co-op.


Dancers; Kathleen Martin, John Frazer, Nathan Powell and Sarah North

Music by Juli Draney and Nathan Powell

Choreography by Nathan Powell


“Thousand Miles Away” and “Slings and Arrows”

Dances to music written and performed by Jeffery Straker for the students of Youth Ballet of Saskatchewan. 


That odd space when you first fall asleep and you mind takes you on a voyage greater than you can fathom.


IN CON is what is inconceivable, incongruous, inconsiderate, or inconsolable in life. The witnessing of domestic abuse shocks, but nothing is done about it. Everyone turns their backs and walks away.


Timepiece an original one-act ballet concieved and choreographed by Nathan Powell with music by Graham Reynolds and the Golden Arm Trio. 


Idaho Statesman's Dana Oland writes "a fun character ballet with a sci-fi twist. In a speakeasy setting, a group of bank robbers discover they’ve stolen a device that can slow down and stop time. The company really looked to be having fun with this one. "


A dance dedicated to my mother who passed away 12 years ago from breast cancer. I used the music of Neko Case who has one of those voices that just projects right into your soul.


Zinzkaro means "Spring in the Geogrian language, which was the focus of this ballet with music by Georgian  composer Sulkhan Tsintsadze. 

Here and There

Here and There was commissioned by the director of Northern Plains Dance, Hollis Mackintosh for a student show. The theme of the show was Hollywood, and I used music from the movie, Bernie. The piece really goes here and there with short little vignettes for the audience to enjoy.

Halloween Henry Saddara and the Neighborhood

A fun ballet based on the story of a cat's wandering though the neighborhood on Halloween, including Falling Leaves, Starlight, and Ghosts.


Sospiro is a piece that is about the music. I found music by the group Faraualla which is an Italian quartet of female singers and percussion, which has very interesting rhythyms, syncopation and tone perfectly suited to a wide variety of movement. What I focused on saw the breath and the pulse of the music. The name of the piece, Sospiro, means “sigh” in Italian which was a great motivation for the piece. 


Ich Ging mit durst lurch einen grunen Wald

Gustav Mahler's music, inspired by the line “You sleepy maiden, stay alert! Where is your beloved staying?”

Valse Triste

“A woman and man in love dance to profess their joy, until he accidentally gives her a poisonous flower. At once she dies. As soon as his grief begins he sees her spirit come to life and they start to dance. He has one last “Valse Triste” (sad waltz) to dance with her before she is gone forever.”


Named after a small town in northern Nunavut this piece is meant to represent the journey of a young woman leaving home and making a new life of her own.

The Angels are Crying

The Angels are Crying was commissioned by Sallyann Mulcahy for Ballet Montana for the summer of 2011. I created this piece simply with movement in mind. I was much less concerned about the structure of the music as much as making interesting and flowing lines. Throughout the rehearsal process the dancers gave me great feedback and really helped shape the work to their strengths. I think the final production creates a definitive mood and particularly captivating feeling. 

Others Stop By

The title of the piece was taken from a book that I subsequently lost track of and cannot remember what it is called. But what it gave to me was the idea for a pas de deux with reference to the many relationships that people have which simply happen briefly then gradually fizzle apart. 

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